Full Time Yearly Program

This program is designed for national and international players who are committed to a professional career in tennis.

  • Training of advanced personalized stroke techniques, strategy and shot selection in competition
  • Designing an individualized yearly program
  • Preparation during off season and during the tournament seasons
  • Tournament coaching
  • Development of science based individualized conditioning programs
  • Mental conditioning
  • Video supported stroke analysis
  • Nutrition programs
  • Medical and motor tests
  • Regenerative applications (sauna, jacuzzi, infrared)
  • Physical therapy (additional fee), physical exams (additional fee), massages (additional fee)
  • Sport-psychological coaching by faculty members of the Sports Science Department of the University of Salzburg (additional fee)
  • Course offerings through the Sports Science Department of the University of Salzburg

These programs are designed for professional national, international and outstanding
junior players, who wish to cooperate with the ETB on a weekly basis.

Basically as stated in the yearly program. Opportunity of specializing: tournament preparation, tournament coaching, individual conditioning program, e.g. after injury.

These programs are directed towards extremely talented national and international junior players, who seek extensive professional coaching during the off school time (For foreigners, there is the opportunity to also learn German).

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